Saskatchewan Zip LineImagine somewhere that you don’t have to look for solitude but where solitude will find you. A place where you don’t need to find ways to escape the city but where you will have to search for them in the first place. Somewhere that you can drive for hours without seeing another vehicle but in the same time will see dozens of moose and deer and even more gophers.

Saskatchewan has been called flat, empty and boring and it may not have mountains, oceans or cities but you will find bucket loads of peace and quiet. Once you leave the main road, your journey feels oceanic except you are sailing on a wheat ocean and drifting in quiet road currents, the days may be long and the scenery stagnant but when you arrive at an oasis of paradise and there’s only you there, your efforts are rewarded. So sail the land of the biggest sky and get in touch with the last untouched wilderness in North America.

If you need a break from the prairie, try the adventure park and Saskatchewan zip lines, you can walk the wires that are almost 50 feet above the floor of the forest. Climb the ladders to the platforms or jump onto a trapeze with the security of a safety harness.

There are no international airports in Saskatchewan but flights can be taken to elsewhere in Canada and the rest of your journey made by bus or car.

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