New Brunswick zip lineIn days gone by the wilderness of New Brunswick was a haven to the wealthy and the famous looking for some peace, tranquility and anonymity. They didn't originally come for the zip lining, but the should have! It has been less popular lately, possibly due to the effort of getting there, however the wilderness remains and so do the rolling green valleys with farms dotted on the landscape as though they have been strategically painted in. The maritime heritage is still in evidence with colorful and proud fishing villages all along the coast line.

The highway crosses the province diagonally but to really discover New Brunswick to need to get off the main roads and explore the smaller towns, scenic valley, coastal islands and wilderness parks. The great outdoors can be enjoyed on foot, by bike or from the sea in kayaks or canoes. The Appalachian’s end here and are enjoyed by hikers keen to experience the healthy fresh air.

If you fancy a change whilst on vacation in New Brunswick, you could take yourself off to the zip line park which offers line suitable for most ages and abilities. The dual racing line is only really for brave zippers whilst others can try out the other line which traverses the river and offers a host of photo opportunities.

It is only really possible to access New Brunswick by road; international travelers will need to fly to else-where in Canada make the rest of the journey by car or bus. Come, enjoy the country and the fantastic New Brunswick zip lining today!

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