The Dominican Republic has become an increasingly popular tourist destination over recent years and the economy is nearly completely dependent on the thousands of visitors it attracts year after year.

The Dominican Republic is most famous as an all-inclusive destination and has huge hotel complex’ all the way along the coast and visitors who are looking for a relaxing and hassle free vacation hardly ever emerge from these luxury conurbations.

More adventurous travelers and thrill seekers tend to head toward the resorts and retreats that are found in the mountains of The Dominican Alps, these holidays offer a completely different experience and total change of pace. The scenery provides a visual panorama that equals the coastal views and also offers a cooler climate and more refreshing temperatures that are perfect for the host of activities on offer.

Travels can simply take themselves off trekking, hiking or cycling or join a group to try the white water rafting, paragliding, kite boarding, river tubing and one of the most popular of all, zip lining.

Zippers can fly between the wooden platforms on a selection of lines each offering a different level of excitement and giving less brave riders the opportunity to build their courage. Whichever lines you choose, the experience will be unforgettable and provide you with a unique view of the lush mountains.

Direct flights are available from US and Europe and it's not tough to get to. There are no excuses, come zip line Dominican Republic on your next vacation.

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