Antigua is quite simply stunning; there is no other word to describe this island that nestles between 3 volcanoes in the middle of the Caribbean. Zip lining could be the best way to see all of what Antigua has to offer. The streets are full of crumbling ruins which sprout bougainvillea from every crack and crevice and old colonial facades with terracotta roofs that beg to be photographed.

But Antigua is really famous for its beaches; this irregular shaped little island is completely ringed by beaches of powdery white sand and secluded bays that are made even more beautiful by the cleanest bluest ocean anywhere.

Whilst many people are happy to laze on these incredible beaches day after day, there is plenty for the more active traveler to do as well. The reefs just off the coast attract divers and snorkelers, hiking and trekking are both popular due to the stunning views that are afforded at every turn. Just off the coast of Antigua is the tiny island of Barbuda; now a bird sanctuary and draws bird watchers from all over the world to see the colorful, native species that flock there.

Other pastimes include sailing, cycling, tennis, cricket and fishing but one of the more recent activities to be introduced to Antigua is zip lining. Zippers can take an eco-tour through the canopy of the rainforest and get a bird’s eye view of this most beautiful island.

There isn’t an airport on Antigua and travelers must fly to elsewhere in the Caribbean before continuing their journey by sea.

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