Laos Zip Line MapLaos is a laid back country with plenty of enjoyments. The country does not offer train lines and only offers buses and boats once a day. It is still possible to fill up your vacation in Laos with plenty of adventures beginning with zip lines.

Laos has watched the rest of the world rush by into new centuries, but it is finally narrowing the gap with the Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge. The country has become more accessible to tourists who are drawn to the beautiful mountains, French colonial towns, and Buddhist temples.

For sightseeing one might want to start in Vientiane, which is considered the sleepiest capital in the entire world. The Phra That Luang Temple is the top site to visit with Wat Si Saket’s 2,000 Buddha statues a second. From the high mountains surrounding the cities visitors can zip through the trees with zip line tours to enjoy the wildlife and city views below.

Caving, rock climbing, and trekking are also part of the zip line adventures, especially for those who want to enjoy the hill tribe village or just a view hours away from the busy Vientiane city. Laos, like much of Asia, has a rich history and some of the oldest archaeological sites.

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