Indonesia Zip Line MapMade up of active volcanoes, dense jungle for zip lining, and white sandy beaches Indonesia has quickly become a tropical vacationer’s paradise. Bali is perhaps the most notable of islands in the Indonesian archipelago, with its peaceful lifestyle, hospitality, and artistic bent.

Bali provides a number of comforts in their luxury resorts, fine dining, and an immersion into a different culture. In 2004, there was an explosion of tourism which has continued into the new decade. Visitors are constantly visiting Indonesia from Australia, Europe, and America. They are taking advantage of the rainforests to go zip lining in the mornings and return to the cities for museum walks in the afternoon.

You can enjoy the tropical jungle from up high before relaxing on the sandy beaches in the afternoon or stop by the bubbling springs. Bali is also home to Indian Hindu traditions, ancient Javanese practices, and faith in the importance of life. On a vacation to the five star resorts guests can slow down in life to enjoy the past and present.

Snorkeling and scuba diving are just two other options to complete a week’s vacation in Indonesia after zip lining around Mt. Rinjani and the verdant forests.

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