Japan Zip Line MapJapan or the Land of the Rising Sun is an archipelago of islands. More than the technology Japan has created for the world, it is a country filled with ancient culture that meets new times. Manga, anime, and video games are just some of the modern conveniences Japan offers the world. On a visit to this amazing country, apart from the zip lining, one can enjoy Tokyo, which is one of the most populated cities and capital.

Given that Japan is made from volcanoes it is mostly a hill and mountain country meaning there is very little flat area. Just an hour outside of Tokyo and you can go zip lining, skiing, and hiking.

Japan offers a rich culture like Kinkaku-ji which is the Temple of the Golden Pavilion located in Kyoto. The temple is surrounded by forest and lake. Ceramics, textiles, dolls, swords, origami, Geisha, and tea ceremonies are also a part of a visit to Japan as art is one of the most important aspects of the past and present.

Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto are three of the provinces with luxury hotels such as the Peninsula, Shangri-La, and Hotel Okura. After a zip line tour through the forests, relaxing at one of these luxury resorts for spa treatments is definitely a possibility.

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