Malaysia Zip Line MapMalaysia is a popular tourist destination for conservationists and anyone who loves verdant countryside. It is a prime capital for zip line tours through the rainforests where endangered species are easy to spot. On a zip through the forests you may encounter sun bears and orangutans. The landscape is rich in diversity with white sand on Rawa Island or colder climates in Cameron Highlands where lush tea plantations await.

Malaysia is comprised of Malay, Indian, Chinese, and indigenous tribes which create a mixture of culture to enjoy while zip lining around the small country. Tourists can pick up satay from roadside stalls or sit around coffee houses for a relaxing afternoon tea.

Kuala Lumpur is filled with skyscrapers and colonial buildings. Guests can walk the skybridge or visit Petronas Towers after coming back from a zip lining adventure. At the sea leatherback turtles can be seen during their annual pilgrimage to lay eggs.

The rainforest offering such wonderful hikes and zip line tours is at least 130 million years old. The leafy canopy hides long tail macaques along the river or the Malay Tapir. On a ride back from the rainforest guests can ready themselves for an afternoon of spa treatments at their luxury hotel.

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