India Zip Line MapIndia shares borders with China, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bhutan. It is the seventh largest country in terms of area, but second most populous country. With a variety of desert, forest, and mountainous land India often attracts visitors looking for an adventure. Zip lining is partially responsible for the excitement these visitors share in such a brilliant and ancient country.

Ancient India can be found through a variety of museums and private collections. Larger cities also offer historic buildings, though you may not be able to walk inside some of them. Religious sites can be off limits to explore indoors, but it won’t stop you from enjoying their facades. India is known for The Vedas, which are considered the oldest scriptures relating to Hinduism. It is possible to see some of the Vedas on display. Medieval India has left behind some of the most wondrous buildings like the tower of Brihadeeswarar Temple which is located in Thanjavur.

India is made up of the Himalayas on the eastern border which are perfect for hiking and zip lining. In this area there are often luxury tree house resorts and camp excursions which offer zip lining tours as part of the daily activities.

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