Peru seems to cling to the very edge of the Andes mountain range, with a coastal desert to one side and one of the largest and most abundant rainforests anywhere on the planet to the other. Peru is able to offer a huge range of experiences to and attracts a huge variety of travelers every year, from pilgrims who make the journey to honor the sun gods to history buffs who go to explore the ruins of ancient cultures to young travelers who flock to the clubs and discos of Lima to celebrate their youth.

One of the more modern activities to attract visitors in Peru are the zip lines that have become popular in the mountain regions. You can fly over the sacred valley and marvel at the magnificent and unique views of this stunning area. Lines are designed to be suitable for a range of zippers from children to the very adventurous, but no previous experience is required to take part. The lines use pulleys and use gravity to fly zippers from the top to the bottom of the line.

Direct flights are available to Lima from Europe, North America and Australia; however, if your final destination is Cuzco, then you will have to change planes in Lima. So hop on a plane today and find a zip line tour in Peru!

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