Chile stretches for more than half the length of South America (and some of their zip lines feel just as long!) and encompasses the Atacama desert which is the driest in the world and huge glacial fields, with geysers, beaches, volcanoes, rivers, lakes in between. The slim shape of the country gives Chile an intimacy that is impossible to find in bigger places, the infrastructure is good and accessing everything that Chile has to offer is easy. In fact the most difficult part will be deciding on your itinerary and you should consider, the solitude of the desert, lush fjord forests, craggy mountain summits and isolated islands.

It is also important to remember that Chile is just as much about character as it is location and its far flung settings turn bar tenders into poets, presidents into dreamers and strangers into friends. Don’t worry about taking a few wrong turns or detours on your trip, your schedule will only be improved by the people you meet along the way.

Some of the most exciting people in Chile can be found in the adventure parks which host the jungle canopy trails and zip lines which are becoming a popular and adrenalin boosting pastime all over the country. Most parks offer lines that are suitable for all the family but some are definitely more appropriate for adults, brave adults at that!

Chile has direct flights from the UK, Europe, North America, New Zealand and the US. Come and zip line Chile today!

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