After decades of civil war, Colombia is once again safe to visit and new generations of travelers are discovering exactly what a stunning and diverse country they have been missing. Colombia has huge and modern cities with nightclubs and skyscrapers and nightclubs; it also has more traditional colonial cities with archaeological ruins that only hint at the past. There are safaris in the Amazon, Caribbean beaches to die for and a whole host of Jungle walks, high-mountain trekking, scuba diving, surfing, and whale watching opportunities.

The Colombian culture is also varied and its essence remains in the mountains and alpine cities. The geography of the area has kept it relatively unaffected from outside influence, nevertheless, the infrastructure is good and the people are welcoming. In the Caribbean coastal areas, the pace is slower and the people are more laid-back, unfortunately the infrastructure still has some way to go.

Adrenalin junkies are also catered for in Columbia by the increasing number of canopy trails and zip lines that are now available.  One of the longest is almost a mile long and zippers can travel both ways across the valley and are rewarded by some of the most unusual views of the jungle landscape.

Colombia is one of the cheapest countries in South America to get to from Europe. North America also has direct flights to Bogota, mostly from Miami. Zip lining in Colombia shouldn't be missed so get on a plane today and enjoy the ride!

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