Ecuador is a small country but nowhere else in South America offers quite as much diversity in nature. Something best seen from zip lines. Ecuador’s offerings are astounding and in a period of 24 hours, it is possible to travel from the Amazon basin to the pacific coast, passing volcanoes and tropical forests along the way. One day you will buying a hand woven wool jumper to keep the glacial chills out and the next you will stripped to the waist bird spotting in the Amazon.

Ecuador is a dream come true for nature enthusiasts, exotic orchids and bizarre jungle plant species vie for attention with the fearless monkeys and insects that seem to be everywhere and you won’t know where to look first.

For travelers looking to spice it up a bit, the choices of what to do are equally varied, the hiking and trekking routes are first class, horse riding and cycling are available in many areas, plus of course swimming, snorkeling and surfing are all available along Ecuador’s coast.

Another pastime that is available to travelers are the zip lines which can be found all over Ecuador; originally designed for scientists to study the cloud forest, the lines offer zippers a chance to see its biodiversity from another perspective.

There are no direct flights to Ecuador from the UK, Australia or New Zealand, most visitors choose to fly to another south American country and then go into Ecuador by road. The US does have a few direct flights but they tend to be expensive.

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