The secret of Argentina is well and truly out: Argentina is a paradise for travelers and has something for everyone, including stunning landscapes, cosmopolitan, modern cities and a vibrant cultural scene. Argentina is huge country which stretches for more than 2000 miles between Bolivia and the most southerly tip of South America. It has a huge array of climate and geography. Hikers can walk the Patagonian steppe, revel in the scenery of the Lake District and gaze in awe of the glacier and desert landscapes. City lovers can dance the tango in Buenos Aires and meet beautiful and dynamic locals whilst shopping for up to the minute fashions at bargain prices.

A hugely popular attraction in Argentina is the adrenaline packed experience of zip lining. Lines have been set up in numerous locations and cater for all extreme sport enthusiasts from children to the brave and daring. There are canopy trails with platforms for bird watching and wildlife spotting, high lines above valley floors and lines that traverse rivers, but they all offer spectacular and unique views of Argentina’s mountains and canyons.

There are direct flights to Argentina from North America and Europe as well as numerous border crossings to allow travelers to arrive overland from neighboring South American countries. So come today, explore and zip line Argentina!

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