Bolivia is the highest, most rugged and most isolated country in the southern hemisphere (making for some pretty amazing zip line opportunities); it is high of the list of the planet’s warmest, coldest and windiest places but its natural resources and indigenous heritage are unsurpassed anywhere.

Landlocked Bolivia is the poorest country in South America but boasts the Cordillera Real, the salt flats of Uyuni, the clammy Amazon jungles and mile after mile of rich grasslands that are home to diverse wildlife in the Southeast.

The country’s beauty is also portrayed in the vibrant and indigenous cultures of La Paz, the colonial cities like Sucre and Potosi and hints at the ancient civilizations of previous centuries

Bolivia is well established as a travel destination and opportunities for adventure, cultural activities and remote exploration have meant that the numbers of visitors have multiplied many times in the last ten years.

An innovative way of exploring areas of Bolivia is by zip lines, positioned high above the Amazon jungle. Brave zippers can experience flying through the tree tops along a range of lines suspended between platforms. Some lines are fast enough to satisfy even the most hardened adrenalin addict whilst others are slower and more suitable for appreciating the unique and breath-taking views.

There are very few direct flights from North America or Europe to Bolivia and most travelers fly to a neighboring country and then either get a connecting flight to La Paz or cross into Bolivia via one of the many borders.

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