Travelers have been captivated by Brazil for centuries (and not only for the zip lines). Powder white, palm fringed beaches span more than 4000 miles and lead to clean, crystal-clear Atlantic Ocean with tropical islands are dotted along the coast. Brazil offers diversity on every level with canyons, rivers and waterfalls making up just a small part of the country’s natural beauty. The largest tropical wetland on the planet and the Amazon rainforest are both found in Brazil and between them host the greatest biodiversity to be found anywhere. If you prefer urban pleasures, you don’t need to wait for the Mardi Gras to find towns and cities that are jam packed with dance, music and revelry and you can also head to the colonial towns to see what they have to offer.

Brazil has huge opportunities for adventure, rafting, trekking, cycling, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling and surfing are just some of the ways you can spend a fun filled day in most regions of Brazil.

Another popular pastime for visitors to Brazil is zip lining and lines are springing up all over the country. Most adventure parks have lines that are suitable for the whole family but some are definitely only for the brave members of your group.

There are fewer direct flights from Europe to Brazil than one may imagine, it is more common to change planes elsewhere in South America. North America is much better served with direct flights available from many major cities.

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