Anybody who has already visited Panama will already know what a wonderfully scenic and unspoilt country it is. Although travelers of all types have well and truly discovered Central America, Panama remains largely unhampered by tourism and visitors are still unusual, especially in more rural destinations.

Fortunately this lack of development means that Panama is still accessible to budget travelers and there is no shortage of national parks, mountains, forests and beaches as well as a volcano to explore.

Swimming off the coast of Panama is wonderful, the ocean is clean and clear, snorkeling is also popular. Hiking is available everywhere, cycling in quite a few places, but you will have to search quite hard to find anything much more organized than that. Climbing is allowed and the landscape encourages it, but make sure you take your own ropes and equipment as Panama doesn’t have hire centers or instructors.

One organized activity that is available and has proved very popular in Panama is zip lining. Zippers can fly over ancient forests, rivers and waterfalls and catch unique glimpses of the volcano and surrounding landscapes.

Adventurous zippers use specially built platforms and modern steel cable lines to tour the jungle canopy, just as indigenous tribes would have done on vines many centuries ago.

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