There are many reasons to visit Belize (our favorite is the zip lining!), with one foot in the jungle and the other in the Caribbean Ocean, Belize offers travelers a diverse range of attractions in a wide ranging landscape. You can snorkel in translucent water, kayak from one palm tree fringed beach to another. History lovers are able to investigate the ruins of ancient cultures and as almost half of the country is protected by wildlife sanctuaries, marine reserves and national parks, it is a wildlife haven offering spotters a better than average chance of seeing a rare species.

Although the county’s infrastructure is struggling to cope with the huge number of travelers that are flocking to Belize, the progressive and innovative populace have developed a myriad of ways for travelers to tread lightly in this truly unique landscape. Although it is difficult to maintain the frail balance between nurturing the natural resources and benefiting from the economic opportunities they offer, this enlightened approach combined with national pride has earned Belize’s reputation of having a model of ecotourism.

A popular activity with both locals and tourists are the selection of canopy tours and zip lines that have opened throughout Belize. Deep in the rainforests there are lines and platforms that cater for zippers of every age and ability and provide them with truly unique experiences.

There are fewer flights available to Belize than there are to other South America destinations; however, it is becoming a popular cruise destination which typically have zip line excursions.

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