El Salvador isn’t on many people’s list of ‘must see’ places, but once there, you will love it. The warmth of the people and the cities are remarkable and will make you want to spend longer there than you intended. Nowhere in El Salvador is a cool and smart as San Salvador, vibrant left wing coffee bars, amazing live music, galleries and museums are a unique treat and will make you want to keep coming back. But the real beauty of El Salvador will only be discovered when you discover the volcanoes, sparkling lakes and pristine forests.
One of the newest and most popular attractions in El Salvador is zip lining and canopy tours. Many of the zip lining options were designed with safety in mind and some were originally developed as a team building venue but has proved to be a huge hit with tourists as well. It is an adrenaline junkies dream come true, being more than 40 feet above the ground and having a variety of obstacles; it is an excellent way of pushing yourself to what you once thought were limits!

The most convenient way to get to El Salvador from the US is via air with lots of flights being available from the west coast. You could also get there by road from neighboring Central American countries.  Grab your bags and get down on an El Salvador zip line today!

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