Guatemala is a captivating place, people visit and they stay. Whether you like cities, or quieter places, there are signs of ancient Mayan civilizations, archaeological sites everywhere as well as smaller glimpses into the Pipil culture in remoter areas. There is so much going on in Guatemala that even a short visit offers the chance to experience unique places, surprises and new personal challenges, in fact there is so much to do in Guatemala that your itinerary will only be limited by your imagination.

Tree canopy and zip line tours are very popular in Guatemala and as a result, some of the best zipping experiences in the world are available here. Lines from 150 to 700 feet are available at a variety of heights, some are suitable for everybody but others are definitely only for the very brave! There are rapid descents, canopy zig-zag trails and zips that span canyons.

The bravest zippers are able to experience dangling almost 500 feet above the ground and having a unique airborne view of the Guatemalan rain forest and huge landscape vista. This is as close to flying as you are likely get…………..and think of the photos!

Guatemala isn’t the easiest of Central American countries to get to with hardly any direct flights being available from Europe but there are some easy flights from the US. A common way of arriving is by road from a neighboring country.  Some come to Guatemala and experience zip lining in a new world!

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