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Long Point Eco-Adventures

1730 Front Road, St. Williams, ON
Canada N0E 1P0

Telephone: 1-877-743-TOUR (8687)


Our first zip line at Long Point Eco-Adventures will launch you from the third floor of our building out into the canopy of the beautiful Carolinian Forest. This Hard maple provides a great view back at our building and adventure park.

The second zip line will allow you to experience being 120' up overlooking a vast ravine that has been carved out of the forest floor for hundreds of years.

Our third platform will provide participants with unbelievable views over looking 15000' acres of wetlands as part of the long Point World Biosphere Reserve. Great spot to stop and take in a beautiful photo of the best zip line course near Toronto.

Our fourth platform allows all to explore a bridge that links one to another. When up you will be focused on everything we have taught you during training before you launch out over top of other groups out on the course.

Our 5th zip you will be standing a towering 80' off the ground overlooking our ponds that have been recreated on property. We have taken this old farm land and restored it with native plantings and grasslands working under the guidance of the National ALUS (alternative Land Use Stewardship) program.

As you leave that platform you will be swinging into one of the largest Maples on property. Clearly marked by our friends the Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker! Creating an opportunity to look down the next zip line, where it stops no body knows!

This 400' takes you right through the crevasse of the ravine, providing an exciting vantage point, water below and ferns all around ive this a prehistoric feel!

Arriving at our suspension bridges you can jump or sway your way across 600' of bridge. In the middle we will allow you to stop and explore your risk taking abilities as you circus tent off the platform!

The bridges will lead your to your final destination, the Bomber Zip! spectacular views are arranged so each participant can hear about the stories of the City of Dresden and the World War Two bombers in a relaxing atmosphere before the final departure!

On the last Zip line you will soar close to 800' over rocks, people and bridges before arriving in our only soft wood tree "w" or Wobbly as we like to call it! As you sway back and forth you will see the only way down, the rappel! Everyone will be responsible for stepping out over the edge of this 40' platform and lowering themselves to the ground.

Last steps, up, way up, 86 stairs back to the top of the ridge will allow you to feel that you have just conquered Long Point Eco Adventures Zip line canopy tour!

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